Quality Begins Here

For you to produce the finest quality pewter items, you need the finest materials. Our stringent quality control ensures only the best is delivered each and every time.


Who are we?

British Tin & Pewter Mills are the new owners and operating business of the former 5N Plus Pewter Sheet Division. British Tin & Pewter Mills are dedicated to the production and supply of pewter sheet and all related pewter and metal alloy products. Our customer centered focus sets us apart from the rest and means that we strive to provide the very best for industry and artisan alike.

What do we do?

British Tin & Pewter Mills are proud to provide an unmatched level of quality and service, and to do so from within the UK. We understand the British pewter industry and the art of metallurgy and as such are singularly placed to be able to tailor our service to the needs of those within the field, large or small. For a great example of this you need look no further than the fact that we use our knowledge of the industry to identify the most commonly required forms of pewter sheet and high purity pewter alloys and stock these products in our dedicated Sheffield warehouse. Being positioned in the very heart of the British pewter industry, this invaluable source of pewter sheet and other pewter products will make your stocking issues and delivery woes a thing of the past.

We are also a specialist supplier to the bar-top and work-top industries.

What do we offer you?

As well as breaking out from the traditional mould to provide you with a customer centered service and the highest quality pewter sheet and ingots, we also strive to offer competitive and individual pricing which is possible due to our safeguarding of a competitive British supply line.